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 明州华人科学技术协会(Minnesota Chinese Association for Science and TechnologyMCAST),简称明州科协,是一个在明州注册的非赢利组织。明州科协的宗旨如下:

  • 为中国和明州的经济发展创造更多的机会。促进明州科学与技术发展的领先地位,并提升明州的经济发展竞争力。

  • 促进在明州科学、技术、及其相关领域工作的广大华人之间的互相合作与交流。

  • 提升明州科学、技术、及其相关领域华人在职业发展方面的竞争力。



  • 为会员收集和分享中国和明州之间关于科学技术交换和移植方面的信息,以及提供会员之间相互合作的机会。

  • 为会员组织与科学、技术、及其相关领域有关的专题讲座,报告,职业短训班等,并提供简讯报道和出版材料。

  • 为会员提供职业交流网络,中国和明州之间的交换项目和活动,以及教育行业互相访问的机会。

  •  帮助会员在职业生涯发展过程中达到一个更高水平的专业技能。



Minnesota Chinese Association for Science and Technology (MCAST) is registered in the state of Minnesota as a non-profit organization. 

The most recent estimate shows that there are more than 30,000 Chinese working in science, technology, and related areas in Minnesota. There are also approximately 6,000 Chinese students and scholars enrolled in Minnesota universities and colleges.  The majority of these individuals have graduate level education, with a significant portion possessing doctoral degree.  Although this is a highly skilled work force, they are under-represented in the leadership roles.  It is our belief that with coaching and mentoring programs, many Chinese professionals can overcome language and cultural barriers to further their careers and contribute at a higher level to their profession in Minnesota. 

The Minneapolis–St. Paul metropolitan area is the 13th largest economy in the U.S. metropolitan areas. There were 27 Fortune 1000 companies headquartered in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. Thirty of these companies made Fortune’s 2015 500 list, including five on Fortune’s Global 500 list. Minnesota also has a very diverse industry base with concentration on information technology, engineering, health care, medical device, and manufacturing. As China continues its economic expansion, its industries and universities are searching for scientific and technological know-hows. Minnesota is a perfect launch pad for technology transfer because of its well-diversified industries and the abundance of technical experts who are Chinese descendants. What is needed is a platform of the demands and the expertise so the connection can be made, which will result in business and economic opportunities and technology innovation for both Minnesota and China.

China has achieved extraordinary economic growth in the last several decades. It is estimated that by 2018 its economy will exceed that of the US. It is considered by many US companies as the fertile ground for future growth. However, the business environment in China is difficult to navigate. There is a need to provide local resources and connections to Minnesota companies to do business in China.

It is the vision of MCAST to create a platform for enabling collaboration and connection for professionals in science, technology, and related areas, and to create economic and business opportunities for Minnesota and China.  

Our mission is: 

  • Create economic and business opportunities for Minnesota and China. Help make Minnesota a leading science and technology state, and enhance Minnesota’s economic competitiveness.

  • Promote collaboration and connection for professionals in science, technology, and related areas in Minnesota and China. 

  • Advance career development and growth for professionals in science, technology, and related areas. 

  • MCAST is a membership organization and provides members as much services as needed. Our membership includes Regular Members, Student Members, Lifetime Members, Honorary members, and Corporate Members. Any professional or organization who upholds the Bylaws can submits an application, and pay the membership fees to become a member.

MCAST achieves its mission through, but not limited to, the following activities. All activities will be compliant with local, state and federal regulations.

  • Gather, distribute and share information on opportunities for science and technology exchange and/or transfer between Minnesota and China, and opportunities for professional collaboration among MCAST members.

  • Organize meetings and produce newsletters/publications devoted to science, technology, and related areas. 

  • Provide networking events, professional exchange activities and programs, and educational opportunities.

  • Assist members in professional development and attaining a higher level of skill and expertise in their respective fields of science, technology, and related areas.

  • Conduct fund raising activities.


Professionals and students in science, technology, and related areas, please join us to grow together with MCAST, to better develop and enrich your own careers, and to seize and create the enormous economic and business opportunities in Minnesota and China.